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Are we a good match?

You're probably wondering whether we're the right company to help you out.

Why Choose Resource Management Associates

We're passionate about one thing: helping your company be the best it possibly can be.

When it comes to business, everyone should know there's one truth. No matter what industry you work in or where you're located, there's no such thing as a perfect fit for everyone.

It's true, and we're not afraid to admit that Resource Management Associates isn't right for everyone. We've been in business for over 20 years, and we've found that while our services can be used by almost anyone, anywhere, in any industry, certain companies aren't as receptive to our help as others.

Are we right for you?

Every week, we get countless companies contacting us for assistance with their environmental and sustainability needs. To save us both time, we've created a few general mindsets of people and companies that we find we really can't help:

Generally the companies and organizations we find we can help the best have the following mindset.

  • You're committed to fixing your company's issues. The environment and ultimately our children's future is dependent on organizations to realize they can't act like it's the 1950's anymore. Regulations have changed, customer expectations have changed, and it's time to catch up, meaning your organization has to commit to being in compliance and doing the right thing. We're here to help your organization be environmentally awesome, but if you're not willing to help yourself, we both might be wasting our time.
  • You're not willing to risk your organization's future by 'just getting by'. If you're willing to risk the government or third-party environmental groups fining your company, shutting down your facility, or seeing staff members get arrested for failing to comply with basic environmental laws (all of which we've seen before), we're probably not going to be a good match.
  • You value quality work over shopping for low prices. You get what you pay for, and with us, that's a high-quality experience, and dealing with environmental and sustainability experts. There are many “consultants” that will charge less than we do, as well they should. If you’re basing your business decisions on price alone, we're probably not right for each other. Having said that, we're certainly not the most expensive company out there, but we're also not usually the cheapest either. Check out our prices to see if we're in your budget.
  • You don't always wait for "it" to be required or enforced. Not every environmental regulation is strictly enforced, and perhaps sustainability and "going green" may never be a requirement in the United States. What this means is there's going to be people out there who want to meet and exceed their obligations or embrace change voluntarily, and people who won't. If you think being in total compliance or this "sustainability stuff" is a bunch of nonsense, chances are we won't see eye to eye.
  • You do business like it's the 21st century. We work electronically, meaning we heavily rely on email, social media, and various software applications like Dropbox, Google, and AnyMeeting to work quickly and efficiently. We invoice electronically, and accept electronic payments. Our smartphones are always on us, meaning we can be reached via email or on the phone almost all the time. Additionally, to go green, we tend to do a lot of paperwork via PDF. Sure we still make books and manuals for things like stormwater plans and SPCC Plans, but with things like a 1,500 page Phase I environmental site assessment reports we're making high quality, easy to use PDF documents to help you find the information you need quickly and easily. If you're not living in the information age, working together might be tricky.

How can we help you?

Certainly each organization and industry will be more receptive or accepting of how we work than others, we get that, and we understand we don't always have to be a perfect match to work together. However, we've found that when we work with organizations that share similar goals and mindsets, we take care of business quickly and efficiently, without ever sacrificing quality.

If you want to know more, you can learn about where we can work and industries we serve to really figure out if we're the right company for you.

If you're ready to take action at your company, click here to contact us, or give us a call at 609-693-8301 to discuss how we can help your organization.

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