Operational Zero Waste to Landfill Programs

Operational Zero Waste to Landfill Programs

Are you looking to go a step beyond, and prove that your facility or business is really thinking about the environment? For many types of operations out there, commercial, industrial, or even residential, developing a zero waste to landfill program will not only demonstrate your environmental commitment but can also have very real cost savings for your organization, and marketability to your clients. Sounds great, right? Who doesn't want to save the planet and save money, all while making their customers happy?

Here's where we can help. Here at RMA, our environmental experts understand how businesses work, and can present your operation with a very real, very tangible way to reduce your waste streams, save money, and wow your customers by developing a zero waste to landfill program. We understand garbage exists, we know people produce trash, but we can also help your operation develop, or even audit a program designed to cut down on waste and maximize cost savings. Whether you are looking for help developing a zero-waste program at your facility, already have one and want it auditing by outside help, are looking to get a waste diversion program certified and just need a hand doing so, or even need training on your zero waste to landfill program, we're here to help.

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Getting Started With Operational Zero Waste to Landfill Programs | Resource Management Associates

Getting Started with a Zero Waste to Landfill Program

More or less exactly what it sounds like! It's a program developed to (hopefully) reduce your waste stream to zero, or as close to it as possible. Why? Because we all collectively generate a lot of trash, and some of that trash isn't actually trash. A zero-waste program can help to divert various types of materials to propper recycling operations, helping to cut down on landfill demand. The end goal is not to get rid of trash, but to identify, sort, and send the right material to the right place, so stuff that can be reused or recycled, is!

The development of a zero waste to landfill program will usually mean working alongside your operation, getting to know and understand your facility and waste streams, and creating a realistic and achievable program aimed to cut down on waste generated through implementing operational changes, monitoring and observation, and staff training on your program over a set period of time. For smaller facilities this can be fairly quickly over the course of a few weeks, for larger operations this could take months or longer to develop, implement, and fully review.

However your need! If you don't know where to begin, we can help you with every aspect of developing a zero waste to landfill program at your facility. If you already have a program in place and need it audited, or want to pursue certification, we'd be happy to get another set of eyes on it to make sure it's on course. We are not a certification agency but can assist with getting your program developed and ready for certification.
It all depends! Aside from the cost of someone developing that program for you, your cost considerations are generally going to be focused on the program's ROI, since you're sending less waste to the landfill and in turn, using fewer dumpsters! But what might recycling cost? Or can you market a zero-waste to landfill facility to your customers in return for an elevated price? It all depends, but generally, yes, most operations that implement a zero-waste program will save money and do use it as a marketable item to their customers, but in terms of a hard cost, it could be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to fully develop a waste program.

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