Understanding Costs

Straightforward Pricing for Your Peace of Mind

Great partnerships thrive on honesty and transparency. By entrusting us with your environmental challenges, we pledge to provide clear, understandable pricing that aligns with the high-quality service you deserve.

Our Pricing Philosophy - Expertise at Every Step

At RMA, our pricing reflects the expert value we deliver. Unlike some who might shift your project to less experienced hands after the deal is sealed, we stand by a promise of consistency: our skilled professionals guide you from start to finish. This means no hidden fees and a commitment to surpassing expectations with seasoned environmental experts dedicated to your project.

We believe in transparency and fair value, ensuring you receive quality service that justifies your investment. Here's a snapshot of our service pricing, crafted from our extensive track record of excellence.



Environmental Audits

$4,000 - $10,000+

NPDES Stormwater Permitting

$2,500 - $10,000+

Air Quality Permitting

$1,500 - $45,000+

SPCC Plan Development

$1,500 - $7,500+

Tier II Community Right-to-Know Reporting

$1,000 - $5,500+

TRI Reporting

$1,500 - $8,500+

Environmental Training

FREE - $10,000+

SPCC Training

$150 - $3,500+

Stormwater Training

$150 - $3,500+

Environmental Management System Services

$4,500 - $25,000+

Environmental Manager Placement / Outsourced Environmental Department

$10,000 - $450,000+

Sustainability Services

$1,500 - $35,000+

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

$2,500 - $6,500+

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

$5,000 - $75,000+

One-Off / Local Services

$500 - $25,000+

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Our pricing guidelines offer a ballpark for typical projects, but we understand every client brings a unique set of challenges and requirements. Prices may vary based on the specific demands of your industry, operation, and objectives. We’re always adapting to the diverse needs of clients across various sectors, ready to tailor our approach to fit yours.

Ready to tackle your environmental needs? From navigating regulatory landscapes and adopting sustainable practices to conducting thorough Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, our goal is to ensure your success and enhance your operations. Let us craft the perfect solution for you.

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