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If data centers know about anything, it's about the importance of uptime. Keeping your business environmentally compliant is what we do, so you can keep doing what you do without interruption.

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Getting Your Data Center into Environmental Compliance & Beyond

If you run a business in the data center industry, you may not know that your business is required to follow certain environmental regulations. It's true, your facility can impact your surroundings more than you realize—which is why it needs to be regulated. Your backup generators create emissions that require items such as air permits or a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC).  Not knowing what you need and not knowing how to get started can seem daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be like that. 

The team at Resource Management Associates are experts at getting businesses in the data center industry into compliance and beyond. With decades of experience, our team is able to take the reins and get it done for you while making sure you understand exactly what's happening. You can trust that you're in good hands and know that you're never going to be in the dark. 

Be sure to check out all of the services we can provide for your data center so you can stop worrying about compliance ASAP. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

By taking care of this environmental "stuff" so you can focus on your business! Here at RMA we are experts in environmental regulatory and sustainability concerns, so we come full of knowledge and know-how, ready to assess your situation, provide guidance, and take steps to get you into compliance. We are self-sufficient, business-friendly, environmental experts who can handle your environmental concerns with ease, professionalism, and an eye on results, regardless of where you're located.

ISO 14001 is globally known and respected throughout many industries and environmental agencies. This robust system is internationally recognized, provides the highest level of credibility, and brings you additional benefits by proving your organization or facility is trying everything it can to better their environmental performance

That will usually depend on where your data center is located and the equipment you have on-site, regulations could impact your facility on the Federal, state, county, regional, and/or local level. In other words, it all depends! Generally, data centers will have to comply with similar environmental regulations no matter where they are located within the United States, but the specifics of the rules, laws, and regulations that apply to your operation generally need to be considered on a facility by facility basis.

Just like the above answer, identifying how much dealing with environmental matters at a data center may cost is going to depend on what your facility needs to get into compliance with. Generally speaking, environmental compliance at a data center could cost thousands upfront, with annual and/or long-term compliance costs again costing a few thousand dollars a year. Again this depends on the specifics of your data center, where you're located, what regulations apply, etc.

Having said that, one thing to consider is the potential costs of losing a customer or public perception being damaged if your data center is out of compliance with environmental regulations. It's very likely that your data center's customers expect compliance with regulations at a minimum, so anything that jeopardizes your organization's contracts and customer base should be handled carefully.

Your customers, like you, are tech-savvy and pushing the envelope when it comes to everything, so it should be no surprise that they expect your data center to be on top of things (and beyond) environmentally. This can be demonstrated through various things such as the development of an ISO 14001 EMS, pursuing other certifications such as Zero Waste, or operational changes which could be viewed as sustainable steps.

The amount of time needed to get your data center into environmental compliance is going to depend on the same variables as above - where are you located, and what do you have going on on-site? For some data centers, environmental compliance can be quick and easy. For other locations, applying for permits and approvals can take several months (or longer), especially when larger considerations such as Environmental Justice (EJ) can come into play. If we're part of the ground floor for developing a data center, most environmental regulations can be dealt with quickly & easily during build-out, adding virtually no time to your project. If we're coming in after the fact and getting an existing data center into compliance, revising, modifying, or getting new plans/permits/approvals could take a bit longer.

Learn how we can help your organization get into compliance, take sustainable steps, and manage environmental hurdles with ease.


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