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If data centers know about anything, it's about the importance of uptime. Keeping your business environmentally compliant is what we do, so you can keep doing what you do without interruption.

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Getting Your Data Center into Environmental Compliance & Beyond

If you run a business in the data center industry, you may not know that your business is required to follow certain environmental regulations. It's true, your facility can impact your surroundings more than you realize—which is why it needs to be regulated. Your backup generators create emissions that require items such as air permits or a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC).  Not knowing what you need and not knowing how to get started can seem daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be like that. 

The team at Resource Management Associates are experts at getting businesses in the data center industry into compliance and beyond. With decades of experience, our team is able to take the reins and get it done for you while making sure you understand exactly what's happening. You can trust that you're in good hands and know that you're never going to be in the dark. 

Be sure to check out all of the services we can provide for your data center so you can stop worrying about compliance ASAP. 


Data Center Industry Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental regulations which apply to a data center include a confusing variety of rules, laws, and regulations from the Federal and State government, all the way down to (in certain instances) the local municipality, township, or city you’re located in.

From our experience with data center regulation, the main environmental regulations that may apply to a data center, regardless of the location, could include:

Again, depending on where your data center is located, there may be additional environmental regulations to stay on top of, or the regulations may have different names compared to what we’ve just listed.

The actual cost of environmental compliance at a data center is going to depend on your location and some facility-specific equipment / operational details.

Generally, expect first-year costs for environmental compliance at a data center to run in the several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars range, which covers the costs of applying for and obtaining the necessary plans, permits, and approvals.

Additionally, if you need a hand getting into compliance, then hiring an environmental consultant can again add in several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars to your up-front costs.

Long-term environmental costs at a data center can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per year, again depending on the applicable environmental plans, permits, approvals, etc., what’s required to get done to demonstrate compliance, and if you need any outside assistance with regards to staying in compliance.

To learn more, check out our Environmental Consulting Pricing information to get a range of pricing for our services.

The amount of time needed to get your data center into environmental compliance is going to depend on the same variables as above - where are you located, and what do you have going on on-site? For some data centers, environmental compliance can be quick and easy. For other locations, applying for permits and approvals can take several months (or longer), especially when larger considerations such as Environmental Justice (EJ) can come into play. If we're part of the ground floor for developing a data center, most environmental regulations can be dealt with quickly & easily during build-out, adding virtually no time to your project. If we're coming in after the fact and getting an existing data center into compliance, revising, modifying, or getting new plans/permits/approvals could take a bit longer.

As a rule of thumb, assume 1 to 6 months is an average timeframe for getting into environmental compliance at a data center, but it all depends.

If you’re worried about getting your data center into compliance on a deadline, reach out and let’s talk.

Getting and staying in compliance is great, but to demonstrate that you’re better than just following the rules, you’ll need to go above and beyond.

Means such as proving your commitment through Environmental Management Systems (such as an ISO1 4001 EMS), Zero Waste Programs, or even taking Sustainability into consideration, allow your data center to stand out from the rest.

If you’re interested in doing more than simply staying in compliance with decade-old laws, there are numerous ways we can assist your data center into becoming an industry leader (environmentally). If you want to go beyond compliance and really show the world (and your customers) how good an operation you run, reach out, and let’s talk.

Simply put, it depends. For example, many operations use an outside party to conduct their accounting (i.e., financial compliance), while others use in-house experts to make sure the numbers are all adding up. Depending on your expertise, the amount of time you have, and whether you want to take another requirement under your wing, getting into environmental compliance is entirely possible on your own at a data center. Many environmental regulations, rules, and laws do not require any formal certification or training to obtain coverage.

However, if you don’t have the time, expertise, flat out don’t want to do this stuff or think it’s best left to the experts, you’re not alone, and hiring outside help can be quicker, easier, and cheaper in the long run.

When it comes to environmental compliance, there are really three key “groups” that will be checking in on you from time to time. They are:

  • The Government - Data centers, covered by numerous environmental regulations, can be inspected by almost any level of the government at any time (within reason). From federal employees working for the USEPA and State regulators all the way to city-level inspectors, many different regulatory agencies can inspect your data center to make sure you’re in compliance with the appropriate regulations.
  • Your Customers - In today’s sustainable supply chain conscious world, we’ve often seen that customers and vendors now regularly audit the data center and/or the company itself, to make sure it’s in environmental compliance. This could be through an annual audit (compliance review, check-up, etc.) that reviews your facility to make sure you’re in compliance with the applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Do you want to keep that customer? If so, get into and stay in compliance!
  • The General Public (3rd Parties) - The information you submit to these government agencies is largely public information, so, through various websites and FIOA requests, the general public can also keep tabs on your compliance activities. Add in the ease of finding high-quality aerial photographs, street view photos, and other common ways to look at your facility, you can be getting virtually “inspected” right now as we speak!

Simply put, we can help make compliance easy. From giving you a second set of eyes on a project to make sure you’re doing things correctly, to piece-meal compliance activities, providing regular 3rd party Environmental Audits, to operating as your full-scale Outsourced Environmental Department, we can provide any level of assistance to your data center, regardless of size or location.

Our environmental regulatory experts can help get you into compliance and stay on course, allowing you to focus on your own duties at your data center.

Learn how we can help your organization get into compliance, take sustainable steps, and manage environmental hurdles with ease.


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