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SPCC Training

We deliver easy to understand SPCC training workshops online or at your site to educate your staff and keep your facility in compliance

SPCC Training Workshop

SPCC Training on Your Existing or New SPCC Plan

At Resource Management Associates, we understand the need and importance of having a clear, easy to understand Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan. We've developed hundreds of SPCC Plans for facilities of all shapes and sizes all over the US, and we know what issues you and your employees have to pay attention to. We offer training which covers the necessary issues your employees need to know, and your organization in compliance with regulations.

Companies hire RMA to conduct SPCC training workshops for their employees due to our expertise and variety of training options, all presented clearly and enthusiastically.

SPCC Training Workshops Your Staff Can Actually Understand

Our primary goal is to educate your staff. Whether you're covered under a simple self-certified Tier I or a full PE-certified Plan, we strive to teach your employees on every aspect of your plan so there is no grey area.

  • Training your employees can understand. We've been doing 20+ years of environmental training with amazing results. We train your staff in a way they'll understand, so they actually learn. Our training is based off of real life examples, including your facility and SPCC Plan. We explain what your plan is, exactly what you need to know, and what's expected of you and your staff.
  • Online, in a classroom, or in the field training. It's up to you. You know your employees best, so we'll conduct training in a manner that speaks to them the clearest. We can offer training on a computer (including graded exams and testing), in a classroom, or outside walking around your facility in a hands-on manner.
  • Training to meet SPCC regulations. Regulations require your staff receives annual training on the contents of your plan. Our training more than meets the necessary requirements. We'll provide your staff with training certificates to show they've received the training necessary to stay in compliance with regulations.
  • We know SPCC requirements. Our experts have prepared hundreds of SPCC Plans for facilities of all sizes across the country. We know what information your employees need to know, so you can be sure the training your employees received won't be bogged down with meaningless information.

We're Committed to Your Success

Regardless of which type of SPCC Plan your facility has, required proper training can be an invaluable tool to keep your employees safe, educated, and your organization free from any environmental liabilities. And, SPCC training can mean the difference between an oil spill with huge cleanup costs, visibility, and liability, or the avoidance of all that. We're here to help your operation stay in compliance with regulations, and keep your staff well trained. It's our goal to see your facility free from violations and environmental accidents, so you can concentrate on keeping your business running smoothly. To learn more, click here to contact us or give us a call at 609-693-8301 to discuss your SPCC training needs today.

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