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Dennis Ruhlin

Business & Technical Development

Hello there! I'm Dennis Ruhlin, I'm in charge of Business & Technical Development around here, and I'm our New Jersey Office Team lead. I've been with RMA full-time since 2012, helping customers find solutions to their problems through services we offer, training, webinars, and speaking, you name it.

I love my role here at RMA since it lets me use my tech and business background to help my coworkers and clients alike. I try my best to give you, our clients, and anyone else the best, most timely information that impacts you, your operation, and our environment. There’s a plethora of information out there that can help make your job easier, and I strive to get it to you in an easily digestible way.

I’m the resident IT guy, a big advocate of Environmental Management Systems, and love seeing companies start down the path of sustainability. If you reach out to us online, I’ll likely be the first person you hear from, and am happy to help however I can!

Interested in getting to know me better? Here's some information about myself:

  • I was born and raised in New Jersey, graduating from Monmouth University in 2009 with a BBA in Business Management, and a minor in Graphic Design. 
  • I live two miles from the ocean and love to surf!
  • I have a beautiful wife and a crazy Corgi puppy.
  • I'm a Star Wars nerd and had Stormtroopers at my wedding.
  • I love to cook, specifically I like to dabble with homemade pizzas, but I'm also obsessed with grilling and smoking food.

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