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As the founder and principal environmental consultant at Resource Management Associates, I’ve spent the last 25+ years helping customers and clients with the hurdles of environmental regulatory compliance. From international organizations to mom and pop facilities, I’ve tried my hardest to help folks however they need. Whether it’s getting into conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, developing environmental management systems, or recently helping folks start sustainability programs, I know that breaking down this often complicated information is the key to your success. While I'm passionate about the environment and making tomorrow a greener, better place, I know without your organization's buy-in and understanding, it will never happen. My job is to help your business become a leaner, greener organization, but not in a wishy-washy pie-in-the-sky fashion. I try to provide practical, real-life advice on how you can improve your operations and save your time, money, and energy for keeping your business running and making money. Outside of RMA I enjoy surfing, DIY projects, and college football & basketball.


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How much does a sustainability program cost?

by Doug

Find out how much a sustainability program will cost you and your company.

If you're thinking about implementing a sustainability program at your business, you're probably already asking yourself: "how much is this going to cost me?" In fact, the most common questions we get asked about sustainability either involves the up-front price of a program or what anticipated ROI could be - in other words, what is this program, from start to finish, going to cost me & my operation.

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Topics: Sustainability, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Certifications, Sustainability Training

North Carolina’s New Marina Stormwater Permit – What you NEED to know!

by Doug

Learn about the new NCG190000 stormwater permit for marinas in North Carolina.

If you own, operate, or work at a marina here in North Carolina, you may be aware of the new stormwater permit just issued by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. If you aren’t aware, the DEQ issued the NCG19 stormwater permit (only for marinas in North Carolina) a few weeks back, which went into effect on July 1st.

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Topics: Stormwater Permits, North Carolina Marina Stormwater Permits, North Carolina Stormwater Permits, Marina Stormwater Permits

How should marinas in North Carolina test for pH in stormwater samples & discharges?

by Doug

Learn how to test your pH under the NCG19 Stormwater Permit for Marinas in North Carolina.

For a lot of marinas across North Carolina, life under the new NCG19 stormwater permit may be more challenging due to new requirements. One thing that has a lot of facilities scratching their head is in regard to the specific requirements regarding testing the pH of their stormwater discharge sample.

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Topics: Stormwater Permits, Stormwater Training, North Carolina Marina Stormwater Permits, North Carolina Stormwater Permits, Marina Stormwater Permits, pH Kits, Stormwater Sampling, ph Testing

A Quick Summary of Changes in the NEW North Carolina NCG19 Marina Stormwater Permit

by Doug

Learn what’s changed for NCG190000 stormwater permit holders in North Carolina.

Here in North Carolina, marinas are now required to comply with the newest version of their applicable stormwater permit, known as NCG190000 (or NCG19). Regardless of whether you have a small, local marina, or a large operation owned by a nationwide company, and if you’re covered under NCG19, there’s a lot to know about this new stormwater permit.

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Topics: Stormwater Permits, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, North Carolina Marina Stormwater Permits, North Carolina Stormwater Permits, Marina Stormwater Permits

Do I need a recycling consultant in New Jersey?

by Doug

Learn if you need a consultant at your recycling facility in New Jersey.

Recycling facilities in New Jersey have it pretty tough. Just learning how long it takes to get a recycling approval, or the cost of a recycling approval in New Jersey can be a hard pill to swallow. For many people out there, starting a recycling business in New Jersey is beyond their own doing simply due to the process and complexities involved.

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Topics: New Jersey Recycling Permits, New Jersey Recycling Exemptions, New Jersey Environmental Services, Recycling Permits

How is COVID-19 impacting environmental regulations at my business?

by Doug

Learn how the Coronavirus is impacting environmental regulatory compliance at YOUR business, plant, or facility.

We all know these are historic, trying times. Aside from the virus, Americans, at every step of the way, are dealing with new issues never imagined before in our personal and professional lives. While I can't give you advice on the personal aspects of your life, aside from wash your hands and practice safe social distancing, I can shed some light on something that impacts your business: environmental regulations.

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Topics: Environmental Compliance, Concrete Plant Environmental Regulations

A Producers Guide to Concrete Plants & Stormwater Permits

by Doug

Everything concrete producers you should know about NPDES stormwater permits & concrete plants.

When it comes to concrete plants, whether it’s a ready-mix operation, precast concrete plant, brick, block, pipe plant, you name it, one of the most common problems producers have to deal with is stormwater permits. Concrete plants of all shapes and sizes across the US often struggle with their NPDES stormwater discharge permits. How come?

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Topics: Stormwater Permits, Stormwater Training, Industrial Stormwater Permits, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, Precast Concrete, Concrete Plant Environmental Regulations, Concrete Plants, Ready Mixed Concrete

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