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As the founder and principal environmental consultant at Resource Management Associates, I’ve spent the last 25+ years helping folks with the hurdles of environmental regulatory compliance. From international organizations to mom and pop facilities, I’ve tried my hardest to help folks however they need. Whether it’s getting into conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, developing environmental management systems, or recently helping folks start sustainability programs, I know that breaking down this often complicated information is the key to your success. While I'm passionate about the environment and making tomorrow a greener, better place, I know without your organization's buy-in and understanding, it will never happen. My job is to help your business become a leaner, green organization, but not in a wishy-washy BS fashion. I never recommend you convert your light bulbs or don't flush the toilet. I provide practical, real life advice on how you can improve your operations and save your time, money, and energy for other issues. Outside of RMA I enjoy surfing, DIY projects, and college football & basketball.


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Do I need a recycling consultant in New Jersey?

by Doug

Learn if you need a consultant at your recycling facility in New Jersey.

Recycling facilities in New Jersey have it pretty tough. Just learning how long it takes to get a recycling approval, or the cost of a recycling approval in New Jersey can be a hard pill to swallow. For many people out there, starting a recycling business in New Jersey is beyond their own doing simply due to the process and complexities involved.

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Topics: New Jersey Recycling Permits, New Jersey Recycling Exemptions, New Jersey Environmental Services, Recycling Permits

How is COVID-19 impacting environmental regulations at my business?

by Doug

Learn how the Coronavirus is impacting environmental regulatory compliance at YOUR business, plant, or facility.

We all know these are historic, trying times. Aside from the virus, Americans, at every step of the way, are dealing with new issues never imagined before in our personal and professional lives. While I can't give you advice on the personal aspects of your life, aside from wash your hands and practice safe social distancing, I can shed some light on something that impacts your business: environmental regulations.

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Topics: Environmental Compliance, Concrete Plant Environmental Regulations

A Producers Guide to Concrete Plants & Stormwater Permits

by Doug

Everything concrete producers you should know about NPDES stormwater permits & concrete plants.

When it comes to concrete plants, whether it’s a ready-mix operation, precast concrete plant, brick, block, pipe plant, you name it, one of the most common problems producers have to deal with is stormwater permits. Concrete plants of all shapes and sizes across the US often struggle with their NPDES stormwater discharge permits. How come?

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Topics: Stormwater Permits, Stormwater Training, Industrial Stormwater Permits, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, Precast Concrete, Concrete Plant Environmental Regulations, Concrete Plants, Ready Mixed Concrete

Water Use Registrations vs Water Allocation Permits in New Jersey

by Doug

Learn the difference between Water Allocation Permits and Water Use Registrations in New Jersey.

In New Jersey, the diversion of water from either groundwater or surface water, such as by a well, pump, or other means, may require either a Water Use Registration or a Water Allocation Permit from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

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Topics: New Jersey Environmental Services, Water Allocation Permit, Water Use Registration

How much does a Phase I ESA cost in Florida?

by Doug

Learn how much a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment might cost in Florida.

Regardless of whether you're new to the topic of a Phase I ESA in Florida, or you're familiar with them, one of the primary questions we get folks asking us is simply, what's the price? It's never been easier to find the price of anything before thanks to the internet, so it makes sense that a lot of people are looking around and asking us how much does a Phase I ESA cost in Florida.

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Topics: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

What are Class A recyclable materials in New Jersey?

by Doug

Learn what New Jersey classifies as Class A recyclable materials.

Getting into the recycling game in New Jersey isn't easy. It's expensive, and it takes a long time. And, you're not even guaranteed that you'll be able to open a business even if you have a great business plan. To top it all off, the State of New Jersey categorizes recyclable solid waste materials into four groups or "classes", which are not intuitively obvious or easy to figure out. Knowing which class of recyclable material is critical to anyone interested in getting into the recycling business in New Jersey, so let’s dive in and go over what Class A recyclable materials in New Jersey are.

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Topics: New Jersey Recycling Permits, New Jersey Environmental Services

The 5G2 Basic Industrial Stormwater Permit in New Jersey EXPLAINED

by Doug

What you need to know about the Basic Industrial Stormwater Permit (5G2) in New Jersey.

When it comes to stomwater permits here in New Jersey, figuring out what you need, don't need, and how to navigate the path to compliance with the regulations can be tricky. For any operation that isn't covered by one of the "industry-specific" stormwater permits, there's a chance you might be able to be covered by the Basic Industrial Stormwater Permit, or the 5G2 Permit for short.

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Topics: New Jersey Recycling Permits, New Jersey Recycling Exemptions, New Jersey Environmental Services, New Jersey Stormwater Permits

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