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Hi, I'm Doug Ruhlin, and I opened Resource Management Associates back in 1992. I always liked being outside as a kid, so it seems only natural that at this point in my life I run and act as the senior environmental consultant here at RMA. I have a BS in Geosciences from Rider University, an MS in Atmospheric & Oceanic Science from the University of Michigan, and more certifications and credentials than I can keep track of. The more I know, the better I can help my customers get, and stay in compliance with environmental regulations. For many, that's as far as my skills can take them, and that's great! Helping out customers stay in compliance with rules and regulations is what we do! For the rest, I really enjoy getting to know unique operations that are looking to become market and industry by looking beyond with things such as Environmental Management Systems and Sustainable Practices. Why? Because I'm a real person, who's passionate about helping your business find real solutions to the environmental problems you're facing and the very real opportunities that exist out there. Here's a few tidbits about me: - I was born and raised in New Jersey, aside from a few years living in Michigan. - I love football, basketball, and baseball, and try to get to as many Philadelphia Phillies and Rutgers Scarlet Knights football games as I can. - I love surfing, and have surfed in virtually every US state touching a surf-able body of water. Still waiting to get the Great Lakes and Alaska on a good swell! - My conversational Spanish is rusty, but getting better every day. - I have three wonderful kids, a beautiful wife, and a cat! - I roast and grind my own coffee beans! - I love going camping and working in my yard. As I said, I'm kind of an outdoors guy.

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Who needs a stormwater permit?

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