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5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Environmental Consultant

by Dennis

Many businesses need an environmental consultant, they just don't know it.

Do you know the environmental regulations that your company needs to follow? For many industrial (and even commercial) facilities out there, there are usually a handful of environmental regulations that apply, no matter where you’re located, or the industry you're in. Generally, when we ask people if they’re fully in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, the answer is… maybe?

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Topics: Environmental Compliance, Environmental Consulting, Environmental Regulations

New Jersey Air Permits - Everything you NEED to know!

by Brian

Learn about the air permits in New Jersey that impact your business.

Understanding environmental regulations in New Jersey can be a daunting task. One of the most common things our customers ask us about are the various air permits New Jersey operations can seek coverage under. From confusing regulatory language, to various types of air permits in New Jersey, it's no wonder that many need to turn to experts for guidance during the air permitting process.

Sound familiar? Well, if you're wondering what air permits are, if they apply to your facility or operation, and want to learn more about them to stay in compliance and out of trouble, you've come to the right place. We've put together 22+ questions that we routinely hear when it comes to the confusing world of New Jersey's air permits. So, let's dive in and shed some light on the subject.

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Topics: Environmental Compliance, New Jersey Environmental Services, New Jersey Air Permits, General Air Permits, Case by Case Air Permits, Title V Operating Air Permits, Air Permits, Preconstruction Air Permits, General Operating Permits

How is COVID-19 impacting environmental regulations at my business?

by Doug

Learn how the Coronavirus is impacting environmental regulatory compliance at YOUR business, plant, or facility.

We all know these are historic, trying times. Aside from the virus, Americans, at every step of the way, are dealing with new issues never imagined before in our personal and professional lives. While I can't give you advice on the personal aspects of your life, aside from wash your hands and practice safe social distancing, I can shed some light on something that impacts your business: environmental regulations.

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Topics: Environmental Compliance, Concrete Plant Environmental Regulations

Average Cost of Environmental Fines, Violations, and Settlements at Industrial Facilities

by Dennis

Learn What it Costs Companies to Settle Environmental Violations

For many industrial operations, the first time they hear about the need for a certain environmental permit, plan, approval, or reporting is when they're finding out the hard way through a violation or other formal notice from a state or Federal regulatory agency. Many of our clients have come to us in the past after finding out that they are not in compliance with applicable environmental regulations at their operation, and they turn to us to help get them out of trouble. One thing we've come to help many of our clients with is getting out of trouble and alleviating potential fines from these regulatory agencies.

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Topics: Environmental Compliance

How to pick a water testing lab for stormwater or process water sampling.

by Chris

Learn why the right water testing lab for stormwater or process wastewater matters!

In today's age, running a business comes with a lot of responsibilities. One thing we see tightening up more and more, whether it's pressure from 3rd party environmental groups or government regulators, is your environmental responsibilities. Just about anyone across this country that owns or operates any type of industrial facility has probably heard of NPDES stormwater permits. If you haven’t heard of them, read What are NPDES stormwater permits?

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Topics: Environmental Compliance, Stormwater Permits, Stormwater Training, New Jersey Stormwater Permits

Stormwater vs Process Water: Whats the difference?

by Chris

Learn the difference between stormwater and process waste water.

When it comes to NPDES permits, whether you're in New Jersey, Florida, Hawaii, you name it, there's a huge difference with regards to stormwater and process water. Most, if not all, NPDES permits have very strict and specific regulations for stormwater and process water.

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Topics: Environmental Compliance, Stormwater Permits, Stormwater Training, New Jersey Stormwater Permits

Does a concrete plant need a SPCC Plan?

by Chris

Info ready mixed and precast concrete plants need to know about SPCC Plans.

For ready mixed, precast, brick, block, pipe, or any other type of concrete plant out there, the need for a SPCC Plan is often misunderstood. Since environmental compliance can be such a daunting task, understanding what regulations apply your concrete plant is crucial to staying in compliance and out of trouble with regulators and third party environmental groups.

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Topics: SPCC Plans, Environmental Compliance, Precast Concrete, Concrete Plant Environmental Regulations, Ready Mixed Concrete

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