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Who needs a stormwater permit?

by Doug

Find out if your business needs an NPDES stormwater permit in this quick read!

We get asked about stormwater permits all the time. We commonly hear things like: what even is a stormwater permit? Does the government regulate rain? What do I need to do to stay in compliance with a stormwater permit? All valid questions!

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What are stormwater sample holding times?

by Chris

Confused about stormwater sample holding times?

When it comes to taking stormwater samples used for testing, monitoring, or to be analyzed by a lab, many people out there aren't aware of the various instructions that must be followed. One of the most common rules that must be followed involves what are called "holding times" for stormwater samples. This concept trips a lot of people up. If you're unaware of what holding times are, trust me, you're not alone. Many people who have NPDES permits, or any other type of stormwater or process water discharge permit need to make sure they understand what holding times, otherwise they risk having invalid samples or running into trouble.

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SWPPP Requirements & Florida Construction Generic Permit (CGP)

by Chris

Learn about the Florida CGP & SWPPP Requirements

NPDES permits often require the permittee to do certain things. That can be anything from inspecting their facility or site, monitoring the water discharging off-site, required annual stormwater training on relevant topics related to NPDES permitting, as well as other things.

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Topics: Stormwater Permits, NPDES Permitting, Florida Construction General Permit, Construction Stormwater Permit, Florida Stormwater Permits, SWPPP, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

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