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I have known RMA and Doug Ruhlin for over 12 years, working closely with him at NRMCA. He has always been a great spokesman and friend of our industry. Through the association he works tirelessly to provide excellent programs and tools for our industry. His desire to see our industry move forward and grow has been an integral part of driving the Operations, Environment & Safety Committee. Recently we contracted with RMA and Doug on a time sensitive project. They were able to meet our needs with quality service. Their knowledge of our industry and quick feel for our company made for a very smooth project. RMA understands the challenges our industry faces and helps provide effective solutions. I highly recommend RMA and we will definitely use them as future needs arise.

Tom Foley, Vulcan Materials


Resource Management Associates is a key influence to our environmental program. We operate 7 Ready Mix Concrete plants in 3 states, which all have unique regulations. They've assisted in everything from seeking approvals from local townships, preparing SWPPPs, environmental training for employees and establishing environmental best practices at plants. RMA has done an excellent job of maintaining compliance with new environmental laws and regulations. We have been proactive and are one step ahead of any visits from environmental agencies.

Bill PetrilloHeritage Concrete


Thank you for the continuing support and dedication given to Newark Asphalt Corp. over the last twenty years. Your consulting services have proven to be invaluable. Your knowledge and skillful approach in working with the NJDEP is truly an asset to our company. Our SWPPP has always been complete, concise, and user friendly. You have provided a plan that is formatted for all to navigate through with ease, and one that does not have unnecessary nomenclature. Newark Asphalt Corp. will continue our successful relationship with Resource Management Associates into the future based on Mr. Ruhlin's professionalism, vast knowledge, and devotion.

Joseph BiggicaNewark Asphalt Corp.


I first met Doug of RMA in 2002 when I attended an environmental course he developed for the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Doug’s ability to effectively communicate and explain the voluminous environmental regulations pertaining to the concrete industry is remarkable. He is truly a gifted speaker and teacher. If you are new to the industry or the environmental field, I strongly recommend participating in Doug’s courses. Since then, we’ve worked together on several projects including an NPDES permitting, and most recently, further development of the Green-Star EMS Program at NRMCA. Doug’s passion, experience, and insight are always welcomed assets on any environmental project.

Ryan SewellUS Concrete


I’ve known Doug of RMA for over 4 years and have seen him tirelessly and passionately promote best management practices to the industries and good stewardship of the environment while exhibiting a refreshingly honest and compassionate concern for the business. It does not take long for one to see and feel Doug’s enthusiasm and commitment when talking to him or hearing him educate a group on the subject of environmental compliance. He manages to do this while helping the end user accomplish this sometimes incompressible task economically. Having hired RMA to assist with decoding the mass of sometimes confusing and contradicting US EPA and state DEP regulations, I can say with confidence that they know our industry very well. I heartily recommend RMA and Doug Ruhlin for anyone needing professional and ethical council with environmental compliance.

Owen BlevinsMid-Atlantic Concrete Equipment


Simply put, as a consultant to the ready mixed concrete industry, Doug is one of the foremost authorities in terms of environmental regulations, permits and responsibilities.

Gary MullingsNational Ready Mixed Concrete Association


Doug Ruhlin has significantly helped bring sustainability to the concrete industry.  The first work we did together was on the NPCA Sustainability Committee.  His impact was immediate and positive.  Doug brings a holistic view of sustainability.  I would ask Doug to explain a concept to the committee and he would arrive prepared and armed with a PowerPoint presentation.  He is great communicator and possesses a wealth of knowledge on sustainability and environmental affairs.  I hope to continue working with Doug for many years as we continue our good work with the committee.

Claude GoguenNational Precast Concrete Association


I have known Doug of RMA for fifteen years, and found him to be extremely professional, with a special insight for identifying issues other might overlook.  His keen eye and excellent communications skills set him apart from other environmental consultants.  We are always relieved when we learn that Doug has been involved in a client’s environmental assessment.

Pierre VillereAllen Villere Partners


Doug of RMA has prospered as an environmental consulting firm by seamlessly combining his experience as an educator with his expertise as a respected environmental professional to analyze and communicate complex technical issues to both company management as well as the general public. This unique talent has helped cement Doug's reputation as THE environmental voice for the construction materials industry.

John HaydenSociety for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration


I have come to know RMA through our affiliation with the New Jersey Concrete and Aggregate Association. I continue to be impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. Perhaps more importantly, their passion for our industry and the work that he does is unparalleled. I do not hesitate recommending him for your environmental needs.

Ken YuhasGrace Construction Products


I have known Doug Ruhlin of RMA for nearly 20 years. RMA has been a leader in the environmental arena for all of that time. They're intimately versed in the key environmental issues that affect aggregates and concrete producers; they know the laws, regulations and both industries thoroughly. RMA has helped steer the formulation of new regulations and they have helped to direct industry's response to the current and new regulations - in multiple states. I would not acquire an existing operation or start a greenfield plant or quarry without consulting Doug.

Tarek Khan, BASF


If you're looking for an environmental professional who really knows and understands the concrete industry, Doug Ruhlin is THE guy. The fact that he is a great teacher and communicator is just a bonus.
Greg Vickers, Monumental Concrete


I had the honor of being able to hear Doug speak on a number of occasions at various seminars and conferences. His ability to captivate an audience is remarkable. His vast knowledge of the ready mix concrete industry, laws, regulations and environmental awareness is something I would one day hope to achieve being a consultant myself. If you ever have the chance to speak to Mr. Ruhlin please do, you will not regret it.
Dylan Drudul, City of Rockville, MD Public Works


I have been working with Doug over the last year. His help to support the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program and students is phenomenal. His expertise in the field of Environmental/sustainability is phenomenal. His training ability is exceptional. My students were attached to him from day 1. I would like to thank him greatlye for what he did and has been doing to our program.
Mohamed Mahgoub, New Jersey Institute of Technology - Concrete Industry Management Dept


I have known Doug for many years and I greatly respect his knowledge. He has served on concrete industry committees in leadership roles and has helped develop and professionalize the concrete industry's body of knowledge with regard to environmental management and compliance. The Tennessee Concrete Association hired Doug to help with a revision to our NPDES Stormwater Management Plan when our statewide permit was last revised in 2007. Doug's work was excellent and I am happy to recommend him to others.
Alan Sparkman, Tenessee Concrete Association


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