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Helping Dealers & Service Centers Get Into Compliance 

Whether you sell or service cars, boats, trucks, RVs or anything in-between, many dealerships, service centers, and maintenance facilities need to adhere to various types of environmental regulations from federal, state, and local sources—and we can help. 

How We Help Dealership & Maintenance Facilities

Just as owners need to keep up with maintenance on their vehicles, your dealership needs to stay on top of environmental regulations to remain compliant. In day-to-day activities your dealership handles many different chemicals whether it be coolant, oil, or any type of fluid. Not having the proper plans in place could cost you in the event of a spill. Getting into compliance may seem like a hassle now, but trust us, you'd rather be in compliance now than wish you were down the line. 

Figuring out compliance on your own is less than ideal — it's confusing, it's complex, and you'd rather not do it. Where do you even start? The good news is, you don't have to do it on your own. From start to finish, we take the guesswork and headache out of it for you and your dealership. The experts at Resource Management Associates can help you figure out what you need, and then get it done. That's right, we don't just advise or consult, our team makes sure it gets done and that it gets done right. We've been helping dealerships like yours get into compliance for decades.


The Environmental Services We Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Most operations in the United States subject to environmental regulations should focus on regulations coming from the Federal government, their respective state environmental agency, and any local agencies (regional, county, or city). However, additional concerns outside of the realm of environmental regulations, such as Environmental Justice issues, can impact facilities in areas where no other regulations might apply. Also bear in mind that regulators at any level, from the Federal government to your local community, can, within reason, visit your facility or ask for a demonstration of compliance, especially when it comes to obtaining new permits, renewals, facility construction, modification, expansion, etc.

Getting into compliance is like buying a car - how much you'll spend depends on what you need. For locations with few regulatory concerns, environmental compliance can be a cheap and easy thing. For large, complex operations, environmental compliance could cost a small fortune. There's different ways of looking at it too, from regulatory fees paid to government agencies, to the costs of hiring consultants or other outside help, to facility modifications, ongoing compliance tasks, and more.

Just like the price, the timeframe all depends. Some compliance concerns can be identified, the proper paperwork filled out in a few hours, and once you mail that documentation out, you're "in compliance" with environmental regulations. Other regulatory concerns take months to years to apply for, revise, and ultimately get permits and approvals. Again, smaller, simpler operations tend to be able to get into compliance very quickly, while larger, more complex facilities will take much, much longer.

By taking care of this environmental "stuff" so you can focus on your business! Here at RMA we are experts in environmental regulatory and sustainability concerns, so we come full of knowledge and know-how, ready to assess your situation, provide guidance, and take steps to get you into compliance. We are self-sufficient, business-friendly, environmental experts who can handle your environmental concerns with ease, professionalism, and an eye on results, regardless of where you're located.

Learn how we can help your organization get into compliance, take sustainable steps, and manage environmental hurdles with ease.


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