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Environmental Compliance For The Cannabis Industry

If anything is certain, the cannabis industry is no stranger to regulations. But is your cannabis business environmentally compliant?

Helping the Cannabis Industry Stay Green with Environmental Consulting

When it comes to the cannabis industry, many tend to think of "regulations" as they apply to the growth, processing, manufacturing, and distribution of products. The reality is, the facilities that are involved in the cannabis industry are subject to a variety of environmental regulations from federal, state, and local governments just like any other legacy industry out there. Understanding environmental regulatory compliance at your cannabis facility can be a challenging prospect, we get it. 

There's often no shortage of confusion when it comes to figuring out environmental compliance on your own. Determining what you need, let alone knowing how to get it done can be more of a headache than you want. You have a business to run, and many existing responsibilities that require your attention already. So why not leave your compliance up to the experts? We can help you not only understand what permits or plans you may need, we can get them completed for you. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way for all your environmental compliance needs. We have decades of experience so you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands. 


Cannabis Industry Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions

By taking care of this environmental "stuff" so you can focus on your business! Here at RMA we are experts in environmental regulatory and sustainability concerns, so we come full of knowledge and know-how, ready to assess your situation, provide guidance, and take steps to get you into compliance. We are self-sufficient, business-friendly, environmental experts who can handle your environmental concerns with ease, professionalism, and an eye on results, regardless of where you're located.

ISO 14001 is globally known and respected throughout many industries and environmental agencies. This robust system is internationally recognized, provides the highest level of credibility, and brings you additional benefits by proving your organization or facility is trying everything it can to better their environmental performance

Growing and processing cannabis means it's possible there are environmental regulations at Federal, state, county, regional, and/or local levels that could impact your operation, just like any other legacy industry out there. This generally depends on where your facility is located and the specifics of the operation, but regardless cannabis facilities will tend to have similar environmental responsibilities despite the state or local versions of the regulation.

Most cannabis facilities can expect the cost of environmental compliance to be in the several to tens of thousands of dollar range up front, with long-term compliance being somewhere in the high hundreds to several thousand dollar price range every year. That price covers getting into compliance on your own, hiring outside help, getting permanent internal help, and longer term considerations such as training, permit renewals, modifications, revisions, etc, all of which can impact the cost of a fully environmentally compliant cannabis facility.

Learn how we can help your organization get into compliance, take sustainable steps, and manage environmental hurdles with ease.


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