What is a Non-Technical Amendment (NTA) for New Jersey Air Quality Permits?

Written By: Doug Ruhlin | Jul 12, 2022

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Learn when to use a non-technical amendment in New Jersey for an air quality permit!

Things change, there’s no getting around it! If you’ve recently changed something at your facility such as personnel, your company’s name, or something else, you may have heard about the need to fill out an NTA, or a non-technical amendment.

We’ve helped a lot of companies in New Jersey complete and submit non-technical amendments in order to stay in compliance with air quality permit regulations. While NTAs aren’t overly complicated, they’re also not incredibly straightforward, especially if you’re new to them. If you’re already feeling confused, you’re not alone!

We get tons of questions about NTAs, when they’re needed, how to complete them, etc., so, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked non-technical amendment questions we get – and their answers – here in this short read!

What is a non-technical amendment (NTA) for New Jersey air permits?

An NTA is a relatively short form that notifies the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) that something at your facility is changing that needs to be reflected in your air permit(s). This fillable word document is available for download via the NJDEP website.

To put it simply, an NTA is a “heads up” to the government that your facility is no longer exactly as it was when you originally obtained your air permit. Non-technical amendments are important because they ensure that the NJDEP knows what your facility is called, where it’s located, who to contact for matters related to your air permit, and how to contact them!

Air Permit Technical Amendments

What kinds of changes require an NTA in New Jersey?

There are 5 different scenarios where you’d need to fill out a non-technical amendment and submit it to the NJDEP. Here’s a look at each:

  • Change in Facility Name – this one is pretty self-explanatory, if your business has changed its name, or your facility is now known as something other than the name you used when you initially got your air permit(s), the NJDEP has to know!
  • Correction to Physical Plant Address – likewise, if your facility’s street address changes and is now incorrect in the NJDEP system due to post office, municipality, or county address changes, you’re going to need to report that to the NJDEP.
  • Change in Facility Mailing Address – some facilities will use a corporate office or headquarters as the mailing address for all air permit-related matters. Obviously, the NJDEP will need the correct mailing address associated with your facility at all times. If it changes, you need to submit an NTA!
  • Transfer of Ownership – if your business has been sold or otherwise acquired by another company or individual, that needs to be reflected in the NJDEP system, meaning you’ll need to fill out a non-technical amendment!
  • Change in Facility Contact Information – in our experience, this is the big one! In order to submit an application for any new air permit or air permit modification, your facility’s Responsible Official (RO) will need to certify and pay for that application. Each facility has one Responsible Official that always needs to be current. If your facility’s RO on file is no longer with the company, or has changed their role and is no longer responsible for matters related to your air permit(s), you’ll need to correct this and assign a new Responsible Official via an NTA. Other important facility contacts include the Fee/Billing Contact, as well as the Air Permit Information Contact. If any of these people change – including simple changes to their title, phone number, or email addresses – you’ll need to fill out and submit an NTA!

When do I need to submit a non-technical amendment to the NJDEP?

According to the NJDEP regulations, all non-technical amendments need to be completed and submitted within 120 days of the change in question.

If the NTA is not submitted within 120 days of the change, your current air permit(s) could be considered invalid, meaning worst-case scenario, you’d need to go through the whole process of getting new permits, not good! It goes without saying that you’ll want to avoid that at all costs, so if you’re unsure about whether or not you need a non-technical amendment, reach out to an air permit expert!

New Jersey Air Quality Permits

How do I submit an NTA to the NJDEP?

Unlike applying for air permits, submitting a non-technical amendment to the NJDEP is pretty simple. In order to submit an NTA, the facility’s Responsible Official will need to sign, date, and title the bottom of the form certifying that all of the changes in the form are accurate.

Once the form is certified, the Responsible Official will need to email the completed form to NONTECH@dep.nj.gov. Simple enough!

How much does an NTA cost in New Jersey?

Each time you submit an NTA, you’ll need to pay a fee of $190 before it is reviewed by the NJDEP. In order to pay the $190 fee, you can wait to receive an invoice in the mail (invoices will be sent to the Fee/Billing Contact associated with your facility), and then return the invoice and payment via the instructions provided. Alternatively, you can complete payment through your NJDEP Online portal, which should speed up the process of getting your NTA approved considerably!

Can I complete and submit a non-technical amendment by myself?

In many cases, yes, you can complete and submit a non-technical amendment without any outside help. The form is relatively straightforward and does not require a consultant or expert to fill out.

Although it is possible to fill out an NTA on your own, some businesses still opt to hire an air permit professional to complete the form. If you want the peace of mind that your NTA is being filled out correctly the first time, reach out to us! We’d be happy to assist in the completion of your non-technical amendment, and with any other New Jersey air permitting needs you may have!

To learn how we can help get your facility into compliance with environmental regulations such as air quality permits, and stay out of trouble, either fill out the form below to reach out to us directly, click here to contact us, call us anytime at 888-RMA-0230, or shoot us an email at info@rmagreen.com to talk.

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