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When it comes to remaining compliant, your facilities, processes, and equipment are all regulated under state-specific air quality regulations. How you get into compliance with these regulations is another matter. Many organizations out there struggle with air quality permitting issues, from understanding the various permits offered, to obtaining incorrect permits for the wrong process or equipment, to having to dig through confusing layers of regulatory applicability, to flat out ignoring air permit regulations at great peril.

If you struggle with getting into compliance, or just need a hand with your air quality permit, we can help. Our air permitting experts on staff can assist with every aspect of air permitting, from facility evaluations to permit coverage, air modeling, and even the development of complex Title V/5 air quality permits. Make no mistake, understanding your options when it comes to stormwater discharge permits can be challenging, depending on your industry and operating state(s). For some, turning to the experts for environmental compliance help with air quality permitting is the best bet.

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Getting Started With Air Quality Permits | Resource Management Associates

Getting Started with Air Quality Permits

Project lengths can vary based on your location as well as your industry. In general, however, from site visit, to application, to permit in hand can take weeks to a few months. However, there are some instances for more extensive permits where the time table exceeds a year.
Compliance is important to ensure that your facility is protected in the event an inspection takes place. If you are found to be out of compliance your facility could face financial repercussions.
Air quality permits CAN be easy to live with, but that isn't always the case! Generally, long-term compliance will include a few primary "tasks" which can include some type of visual monitoring, paperwork, and renewals, and paying fees. While this doesn't sound like a lot, if you fall out of compliance with your air quality permit, the issues can be severe.

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