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NRMCA Green-Star EMS vs. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

by Doug

It's great to see the concrete industry take their environmental performance so seriously, but is the NRMCA Green-Star environmental management system right for you? Here we discuss the industry specific NRMCA Green-Star certification vs the internationally recognized ISO 14001 environmental management system, with the aim of helping you decide which is right for you.

We've been getting a lot of requests for more information about how concrete producers can improve their environmental programs at their facility. It's easy. There are so many benefits of having a sound environmental program, that it’s almost hard to imagine running a company today without one. The concrete industry is in a unique position, and we’re asked all the time by concrete producers:

“What is the difference between a ISO 14001 EMS vs NRMCA Green-Star EMS?”

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Topics: ISO 14001 EMS, Environmental Management Systems, NRMCA Green-Star EMS

5 Tips to Become NRMCA Green-Star EMS Certified

by Doug

If you're a member of the concrete industry, you probably already know about the NRMCA Green-Star certification program. If you're ready to pursue it, here are our top 5 steps to becoming Green-Star Certified.

A lot of folks in the concrete industry turn to us for help with the NRMCA Green-Star EMS program. They want to know things like if it's hard, expensive, what the benefits are, etc.

Good questions! And folks, you've come to the right place. Not to toot my own horn, but I did create most of the program, so you're asking the right guy.

When I was working on developing the NRMCA Green-Star Environmental Management System with NRMCA, I wanted to create a program that would be easy to use, understand, and help get concrete producers onto a better path environmentally. I envisioned a system that could get folks into environmental compliance and start thinking about tomorrow.

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Topics: Environmental Management System Training, Environmental Management Systems, NRMCA Green-Star EMS

Concrete Environmental Issues & The Ideal Concrete Plant

by Doug

About a month ago, I was talking to a precast producer about his new environmental management system, and how it was impacting his operation. He said his costs had dropped slightly, his regulators and their inspections went a lot easier, and his employees seemed to actually understand and buy into the whole program. He's the first to say "I'm not perfect" but he's working on it.

It got me thinking... what would the ideal concrete plant (precast, ready mix, brick, etc.) be? What issues, environmental or otherwise, would they have to overcome?

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Topics: Sustainability, Environmental Compliance, Stormwater Permits, ISO 14001 EMS, Environmental Audits, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Speaking & Training, NRMCA Green-Star EMS

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