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Here at RMA, I primarily focus on air-quality compliance and permitting assistance, in addition to providing assistance on other areas of environmental regulatory concern. During my time here, I’ve gotten to know a variety of clients across different industries across the United States, all while helping them navigate the confusing regulatory world of air permitting. From simple facilities with meager permitting requirements to complex air modeling to conducting required inspections such as Method 9 opacity (emission) testing and on-site training, I am actively involved in every aspect of air permitting work. I really enjoy working out in the field, visiting new locations, and meeting new clients as part of my job. I graduated from Rider University in New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences, and in my spare time outside of work, I enjoy playing sports like tennis and soccer, and overall just spending time outdoors.

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Emergency Backup Generators & Environmental Permits

by Brian

We discuss what emergency generators may require - from SPCC Plans to Air Permits, to EPCRA Reporting, and other environmental regulatory considerations.

Emergency backup generators are everywhere nowadays – hospitals, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, data centers, hotels, government offices, and other various types of commercial buildings and industrial facilities. They've become so commonplace that we often get asked the question - does my emergency generator require any sort of environmental permit, plan, registration, or other environmental regulatory requirements?

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Topics: SPCC Plans, Tier II Reporting, Air Permits, Emergency Generators, Commercial Buildings, Tank Registrations

How much does an air permit cost?

by Brian

We discuss the price & ongoing costs of air quality permitting.

When it comes to dealing with environmental regulations, one of the first things our customers ask us about is the cost. How much is this? What is that going to run me? What are the long-term costs? We get it. Everyone has a budget, everyone is worried about the cost of running their business, and we're all concerned in some way, shape, or form, about money. So when it comes specifically to air permitting, we hear all the time, what will this air permit cost me? If that sounds familiar, let's dive in and address this commonly asked question.

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Topics: General Air Permits, Case by Case Air Permits, Title V Operating Air Permits, Air Permits

Do I need an air permit?

by Brian

Find out if your business needs an air permit in this quick read!

When it comes to environmental regulations, one of the most challenging things out there is what people most commonly refer to as air permits. Many types of operations need them, from small dry cleaners to squeaky clean data centers, elementary schools, apartment buildings, police stations, hospitals, and the obvious ones like factories and chemical plants. But what triggers the need for an air permit? Who, or better yet, what kind of business needs an air permit? If you're wondering this, you're not alone. It's one of the most common questions we get asked, from a variety of operations big and small across the United States.

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Topics: General Air Permits, Air Permits

What are air permits?

by Brian

Find out exactly what air permits are, how they're issued, how long they're good for and more!

One of the most widely applicable environmental regulations out there is air permits. Many different types of operations, from apartments with boilers to hospitals with emergency generators, to quarries that crush rocks, to massive petrochemical plants with stack emissions, may all require some type of air permit. Great, but, what actually ARE air permits?

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Topics: General Air Permits, Case by Case Air Permits, Title V Operating Air Permits, Air Permits, Preconstruction Air Permits

NJDEP Air Permitting Compliance Advisories for PCP97 & PCP96

by Brian

Learn what the PCP97 & PCP96 air permit compliance advisory from the NJDEP really means.

If you’ve received a notice from the NJDEP recently about your air permit, you’re not alone. Facilities across the State of New Jersey are receiving somewhat confusing compliance advisory notices regarding their PCP97 and/or PCP96 air permits. Understanding what this notice from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection means for your operation and your current, existing air permits, is easier said than done. So, let’s check out this notice and what it means to you and your business here in New Jersey.

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Topics: New Jersey Air Permits, General Air Permits, Air Permits, Preconstruction Air Permits

New Jersey Air Permits - Everything you NEED to know!

by Brian

Learn about the air permits in New Jersey that impact your business.

Understanding environmental regulations in New Jersey can be a daunting task. One of the most common things our customers ask us about is the various air permits New Jersey operations can seek coverage under. From confusing regulatory language to various types of air permits in New Jersey, it's no wonder that many need to turn to experts for guidance during the air permitting process.

Sound familiar? Well, if you're wondering what air permits are, if they apply to your facility or operation, and want to learn more about them to stay in compliance and out of trouble, you've come to the right place. We've put together 22+ questions that we routinely hear when it comes to the confusing world of New Jersey's air permits. So, let's dive in and shed some light on the subject.

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Topics: Environmental Compliance, New Jersey Environmental Services, New Jersey Air Permits, General Air Permits, Case by Case Air Permits, Title V Operating Air Permits, Air Permits, Preconstruction Air Permits, General Operating Permits

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