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Hi, I'm Matt Hill, and I work as a lead environmental consultant here at RMA. Primarily I work on air-quality-related compliance work, as well as providing assistance in other areas of environmental regulatory concerns for a variety of our clients. I have an extensive background in the air-quality permitting field, having previously worked for several years within North Carolina's Department of Environmental Quality. I like to tell customers I bring the "government/inspector" mindset onto projects, allowing us to identify and anticipate how an inspection or interaction with a government regulatory agency might go! A lifelong North Carolinian, I lived in the Charlotte area before heading to Raleigh, where I graduated from NC State University with a BS in Environmental Science, focusing on Environmental Toxicology. I enjoy being back in the Charlotte area again, and when I’m not working I enjoy spending time snowboarding, playing tennis, and spending time in the North Carolina mountains.

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New Jersey Environmental Services

Can I get an air permit in New Jersey by myself?

Find out if you can get an air permit in New Jersey by yourself in this quick read! By now you're probably caught up on the basics - things like what air permits are and whether or not you need one....

New Jersey Air Permits

How do I know which air permit I need in New Jersey?

Find out which New Jersey air permit YOU need! Air permits in New Jersey are pretty confusing. If you own a business, even a small one, and you use any type of equipment that emits air pollution, you...

New Jersey Air Permits

How much does an air permit cost in New Jersey?

Find out how much an air permit will cost at your operation in this quick read! New Jersey has some of the most strict and confusing environmental regulations anywhere in the country, and that's no...

Do generators need an air permit in New Jersey?

Backup & Emergency Generator Air Permitting Considerations in New Jersey When it comes to keeping the lights on and things running smoothly, whether it's an apartment building, office, industrial...

SPCC Plans

Emergency Backup Generators & Environmental Permits

We discuss what emergency generators may require - from SPCC Plans to Air Permits, to EPCRA Reporting, and other environmental regulatory considerations. Emergency backup generators are everywhere...

How much does an air permit cost?
General Air Permits

How much does an air permit cost?

We discuss the price & ongoing costs of air quality permitting. When it comes to dealing with environmental regulations, one of the first things our customers ask us about is the cost. How much is...

General Air Permits

Do I need an air permit?

Find out if your business needs an air permit in this quick read! When it comes to environmental regulations, one of the most challenging things out there is what people most commonly refer to as air...

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