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TRI Reporting

Toxic Release Inventory Reporting from the experts on hazardous materials reporting

TRI Reporting

TRI Reporting for All Industries

Industry across the United States has to comply annually with a regulation known as Toxic Release Inventory Reporting. At Resource Management Associates, we've been working side by side with clients for years to ensure they're in environmental compliance with those regulations. We have the expertise and knowledge to get your facility where it needs to be.

We can do TRI Reporting for you, or walk you through Form A or Form R Reporting. We make getting into compliance with Toxic Release Inventory Reporting easy.

Toxic Release Inventory Reporting Services

We find organizations across the US struggle to understand and comply with the regulations because they're pretty complex. What needs to be reported? Should you be doing Form A or Form R Reporting? What about releases to the environment? We understand you've got better things to do than sit around and try to understand these bewildering regulations, and that's why we take the guess work out of the whole process.

  • Thorough inspections at you operation. We identify what you have on site, dig through reporting requirements, and confirm whether you have to do report or not. If you don't meet reporting thresholds, you don't have to do Form A or Form R Reporting, and you're not covered under the regulations. Additionally, we can determine if your materials on-site trigger the need to do annual Tier II Community Right to Know Reporting.
  • You facility may have dozens of reportable chemicals. Thinking you don't have toxic chemicals onsite? Think again. With over 600 regulated chemicals listed by the USEPA, chances are good you have material onsite which would trigger the need to conduct TRI Reporting.
  • Determining your impact. Part of annual Toxic Release Inventory Reporting is identifying and quantifying the releases to the environment of toxic chemicals. Using a variety of techniques, we'll determine the amount chemical releases that require reporting.
  • How, when, and where to report. We'll take the guesswork out of where and how to conduct TRI Reporting. We'll do the annual reporting of releases and all findings to the appropriate agencies so you're completely covered. Additionally, depending on the reportable chemical and quantity, we'll determine whether you need to be doing Form A or Form R Reporting, which can make a big difference for your facility.
  • Reviewing previous reports. Your previous reports could come back to hurt you if they were filed incorrectly. We can review past filings and make corrections in a manner that protects your interests.
  • Sometimes there's even more chemical release reporting you might not know about. Additional state regulations, such as RPPR Reporting in New Jersey, can be similar to TRI Reporting. We'll review your operations and determine if additional state or local regulations apply to your facility.

Dedicated to Helping You Succeed

At Resource Management Associates, our goal is to see your business stay free and clear of all environmental hiccups. We have extensive experience in dealing with both Form A and Form R Reporting, and excel at meeting and exceeding client expectations. We want to assist you in minimizing liabilities at your facility, make your business run smoother, and protect the health of employees, the local community, and the planet, whenever possible. When you need to get in compliance with Toxic Release Inventory Reporting, you need the experts at Resource Management Associates. Click here to contact us, or give us a call at 609-693-8301 to learn how we can help meet your hazardous material reporting needs.

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