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Hey there, I'm Chris Ruhlin, and I'm one of the lead environmental consultants here at RMA. I spend a lot of my time out in the field, working with clients on a 1-on-1 basis, helping them understand the ins and outs of their permits, approvals, and the laws and regulations they have to follow. From in-the-field training to making training videos for clients and customers to providing inspection & working in the field, I love providing my clients easy-to-understand, hassle-free instructions. I've been with RMA since 2013, and working at Resource Management Associates allows me to help build upon my formal education and training as a GIS Specialist, and supplement it by continually building a profound level of understanding of environmental regulations. At the end of the day, this means that I can break down the information you need to know in an easy manner and let you know what sort of implications regulations are going to have on your facility. - Outside of work, I’m somewhat of a nature buff. I like hiking, gardening, and surfing. - I have a Frisbee golf course in my backyard that's surprisingly challenging with unique rules! - I have a beautiful wife and an adorable cat!

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Tier II Reporting

Who needs to do Tier II Community Right-to-Know reporting?

Learn if Tier II CRTK reporting applies to you and your business! When it comes to environmental regulations, one of the most common things we get asked about is the need for annual reporting of...

Tier II Reporting

How much does Tier II Community Right-to-Know reporting cost?

We discuss what you can expect to pay for Tier II reporting, whether you do it yourself or hire someone else! If you've recently found out that you need to do Tier II reporting, you may be asking...

Stormwater Sample Testing: Benchmarks vs. Limits

Learn what benchmarks and limits mean for stormwater testing & permit compliance. No one likes to be told what they can and cannot do, but there are limits to everything. Stormwater regulations are...

Stormwater Sample Holding Times
Stormwater Permits

What are stormwater sample holding times?

Confused about stormwater sample holding times? When it comes to taking stormwater samples used for testing, monitoring, or to be analyzed by a lab, many people out there aren't aware of the various...

Multi-Sector Generic Stormwater Permit in Florida
Stormwater Permits

The Multi-Sector Generic Permit (MSGP) in Florida EXPLAINED!

A Guide to Florida's NPDES MSGP Stormwater Permit When it comes to dealing with stormwater permits and regulations in Florida, a lot of people at industrial facilities either don’t know they need a...

Florida Construction General Stormwater Permit
Stormwater Permits

SWPPP Requirements & Florida Construction Generic Permit (CGP)

Learn about the Florida CGP & SWPPP Requirements NPDES permits often require the permittee to do certain things. That can be anything from inspecting their facility or site, monitoring the water...

Florida MSGP Costs
Stormwater Permits

Florida MSGP Stormwater Permit Costs Explained

Learn about costs associated with the Florida Multi-Sector Generic Stormwater Permit. If you need to get covered under the Florida MSGP, it's natural to wonder what it's going to cost you and your...

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