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New Jersey Recycling Permits & Approvals

We help your organization find the right recycling permits for your New Jersey facility


New Jersey Recycling Permits

Resource Management Associates is renowned across the Garden State for their expertise on New Jersey recycling permits. We've applied for and obtained more recycling approvals in New Jersey than any other environmental firm out there. If you're looking to obtain a New Jersey recycling approval, or to get into compliance with recycling regulations, you've come to the right place.

We get you the New Jersey recycling permit you need to get your facility up and running or into compliance as fast as possible.

New Jersey Recycling Approvals

Our clients trust our New Jersey environmental services because they realize a NJ recycling approval is not an easy, or even guaranteed, thing to obtain. For over 20 years, our clients have depended on us to get them through this tough process due to our expertise and knowledge about the permitting process.

  • Determining eligibility. The location of your facility or operation in NJ can make or break the whole process. We'll determine whether you're even eligible for a New Jersey recycling approval right off the bat, saving you time and money from the start.
  • We handle the details. We've prepared hundreds of applications, and have been to countless committee meetings across NJ for local, county, and state agencies. You tell us what you're looking to do at your operation, and we'll handle the rest.
  • The right class of material, and the right permit. This is the biggest thing when it comes to New Jersey recycling approvals. Depending on the material, the site, and much more, we'll obtain the right type of recycling permit for your operation. These include:
    • Class A Recycling - Think traditional recyclables, such as cardboard and glass bottles. New Jersey Class A recycling permits cover what people typically refer to as post-consumer materials.
    • Class B Recycling - Here we have construction and demolition materials. Materials like concrete, asphalt, wood, trees, tires, and other similar materials are covered under a New Jersey Class B recycling permit.
    • Class C Recycling - If you're looking to compost in New Jersey, the New Jersey Class C recycling permit is what you need. It covers leaves, grass, and similar materials, and you'll have to adhere to some pretty rigorous regulations.
    • Class D Recycling - This is a mixed bag of "universal wastes". Things like oil, metal, consumer electronics, and other waste streams are taken in at specific facilities covered under the New Jersey Class D recycling permits.
  • Associated work. Your New Jersey recycling facility is going to at the very least need a NJPDES stormwater permit. We're experts getting these permits and producing easy to understand, user-friendly stormwater permits for New Jersey operation. We can also prepare SPCC Plans, provide environmental audits on recycling facilities, and more.
  • New Jersey recycling exemptions. We'll determine if your facility can be covered under a New Jersey recycling exemption. They're easier to get, simpler to 'use', and much cheaper. If you can get covered under an exemption, it makes recycling in NJ much easier.

Our Commitment to Recycling in New Jersey

We take pride in New Jersey being called the Garden State, and we're committed to recycling in NJ. We're dedicated to helping our clients overcome the hurdles surrounding the process of getting recycling permits in NJ. When you're looking for an approval or a specific exemption, you need the experts at Resource Management Associates. Click here to contact us, or call us at 609-693-8301 and discover how we can get you recycling in NJ today.

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