New Jersey Mining & Quarrying Activity (R13) NJPDES Stormwater Permits

New Jersey Mining & Quarrying Activity (R13) NJPDES Stormwater Permits | Resource Management Associates

Looking for some assistance with the R13 NJPDES stormwater permit at your mine or quarry here in New Jersey? Don't fret - you're not alone. For many operations in the Garden State, compliance with their NJPDES stormwater permit has become a real challenge. And, with the looming expiration date of August 31st, 2022, mining and quarrying operations in New Jersey may be wonder what this means for NJPDES stormwater permit compliance.

Here's where we can help - at Resource Management Associates, we get the mining & quarrying industry here in New Jersey. In fact, our very first client back when we opened in 1992 was a local sand mine here in the Pinelands. Ever since then, we've helped mines and quarries across New Jersey get their facilities into compliance with NJPDES stormwater permits (in addition to other services). We've been on-site at hundreds of mines, quarries, pits, you name it, so we like to think we can truthfully say we've seen it all and done it all when it comes to stormwater permitting concerns at these types of industrial operations. Our experts know the New Jersey Mining & Quarrying Activity (R13) NJPDES Industrial Stormwater General Permit better than anyone, having helped numerous mine & quarry operations in New Jersey get into, and stay in compliance with this specific stormwater permit with ease.

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Getting Started With New Jersey Mining & Quarrying Activity (R13) NJPDES Stormwater Permits | Resource Management Associates

Getting Started with Mining & Quarrying Activity (R13) NJPDES Stormwater Permits

NPDES is a part of the Clean Water Act. Compliance is important to ensure that your facility is protected in the event an inspection takes place. If you are found to be out of compliance your facility could face financial repercussions.
The expected time table for this service can vary on a few factors such as your location and industry. Since these permit requirements are dependent on state regulations, some facilities can expect a project timeline of a few weeks, while others may expect a timeline of a few months.
No matter where you're starting from, we can help. If you have existing permits, our team can help you get into compliance and provide you with training and some best management practices to set your company up for success. For those in need of a permit, we are able to help you obtain your permit and develop your manual (also known as a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan).

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