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Dark Green Cannabis Plant
NPDES Permitting
9 mins to read

A Short Guide to NPDES Permits and the Cannabis Industry

Unpacking NPDES Permits: Why Your Cannabis Facility May Need One A Quick Guide to NPDES Permits for Cannabis, Hemp, CBD, and Similar Growing or Processing Operations Today, we’re talking about...

Holding a Small Green Leaf
Environmental Management Systems
6 mins to read

A Short Guide on Environmental Management Systems for the Cannabis Industry

We discuss some environmental management system basics and how they can help the cannabis industry. The recent legalization of cannabis, marijuana, hemp, whatever you would like to call it (and...

Concrete Chute with Ready Mix Concrete
6 mins to read

Having an EPD for your concrete products in New Jersey can save you money!

We discuss Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and what New Jersey concrete producers should know about them. Here’s a quick summary: EPDs are an important tool for concrete producers who want...

Artificial Intelligence Robot with Person
SPCC Plans
9 mins to read

Can ChatGPT or AI write an SPCC Plan? We checked!

Artificial intelligence is poised to shake up everything - so let's see how ChatGPT handles writing an SPCC Plan. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few months, chances are pretty...

Cannabis Plant Growing in Facility
SPCC Plans
11 mins to read

Protect Your Cannabis Facility from These Top 8 Environmental Compliance Threats

Learn what we consider to be the greatest threat for cannabis facilities from an environmental compliance perspective. For cannabis production and processing facilities (and CBD facilities), the...

North Carolina NPDES Stormwater Permit Outfall
North Carolina Stormwater Permits
17 mins to read

Your Guide to NPDES Stormwater Permits in North Carolina

Learn how North Carolina industrial operations are relegated by NPDES stormwater permitting regulations. When it comes to running a business in North Carolina, from Hatteras to Asheville to the...

Conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for the M&A Industry
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
17 mins to read

A Phase I ESA Primer for Investors & the M&A Industry

Learn why a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is vital to understand for those in the Mergers & Acquisitions space. When it comes to buying, investing in, or absorbing businesses, one of the most...

Generator at Data Center Inspected During Environmental Audit
Environmental Audits
10 mins to read

A Guide on Environmental Audits at Data Centers

Learn how to handle an environmental audit at a data center. One of the scariest words a professional can hear is "audit". We can all picture the image - someone with a badge, from a three-letter...

Individual NJPDES Stormwater Permits
Stormwater Permits
15 mins to read

Do I need an Individual NJPDES Industrial Permit?

Learn when you do and don’t need an individual NJPDES process water or stormwater permit in New Jersey. If you have an industrial operation in the State of New Jersey, one term you may have heard...

Cannabis Facilities Need Air Permits
Air Permits
8 mins to read

Does a cannabis facility need an air permit?

Learn when a cannabis growing or processing operation needs an air quality permit! If you operate a cannabis growing or processing operation, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard some talk of...

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